REGEN Revolution

If you have never known about blockchain before, you should be more or less aware of the existence of Bitcoin. As a virtual currency that is not controlled by central banks or any financial institutions, Bitcoin is a cryptocurrency created based on blockchain technology.

The blockchain is an unmodifiable and unhackable digital ledger that tracks every single creation and transaction of the currency, the amount of bitcoins held by anyone and their transaction path is visible, and the blockchain also prevents data from being deleted or rewritten, once a file is altered, other files are synchronized and updated, thus ensuring the transparency of the currency.

In the beginning blockchain was only applied to the financial sector, but nowadays, its value for the environmental sector is gradually being explored. When it comes to the topic of environmental protection, mankind has focused too much on economic development in the last hundred years and has not paid much attention to environmental protection and sustainable development. The consequences of these problems are becoming increasingly impossible to ignore, with global warming, land degradation, desertification and other phenomena emerging and threatening the future of the planet. Can blockchain technology help the topic of environmental protection?

Before answering this question, we first need to understand that there are two main real-world problems that blockchain technology solves. The first is to achieve decentralized data sharing and bookkeeping. Second, to provide economic incentives for economic models by issuing tokens.

It’s time to introduce a brand new blockchain technology: Regen Network, which is dedicated to helping the planet become sustainable through blockchain technology. Regen Network is a community of actors engaging with ecological regeneration, ecological monitoring, verification, distributed computing and technology development, centered around Regen Ledger. Network members track specific changes of land, oceans and watersheds. By improving our understanding of ecosystems and enabling rewards for verified positive changes, Regen Network catalyses the regeneration of the earth’s ecosystems.

The main problems Regen Network solves: first, to achieve decentralized data sharing and bookkeeping. In this regard, Regen Network provides a data exchange platform for farmers, environmental agencies, etc. through smart contracts and other technologies to improve the security and convenience of data exchange, thus reforming the way environmental work works in a real sense. Secondly, Regen Network provides economic incentives for the economic model by issuing tokens, which are native tokens that provide financial incentives to providers of trustworthy environmental data. This ensures that the entire network is viable in the long term in the economic model. By improving understanding of the state of our lands, oceans and watersheds, and enabling proven positive change to be rewarded, Regen Network catalyzes the regeneration of our ecosystems.

Trustworthy, transparent and reliable, this is the Regen Network.



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